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Click and Sailing

ClickandSailing: 15 Years of Excellence in Sailboat and Catamaran Rentals in San Blas

ClickandSailing, the leading sailboat and catamaran rental company in San Blas, Panama, commemorates its fifteenth anniversary, confirming itself as the preferred option for those seeking an incomparable nautical adventure. Don't think twice and venture to: in Panama's San Blas, ideal to experience an extraordinary sailing trip, entering a unique natural environment, swimming in turquoise waters and enjoying the local hospitality.

ClickandSailing, the number one sailboat and catamaran rental company in San Blas, celebrates 15 years of experience in the nautical industry, noted for its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. In this period, it has made thousands of successful reservations, establishing itself as a benchmark in the sector. Its commitment to providing a personalized, fast and efficient service, added to its 24/7 customer service, has helped the company establish itself as the preferred option for those seeking unforgettable sailing experiences in San Blas, Panama.

San Blas: A Paradise to Discover

San Blas, also called Guna Yala, is an archipelago made up of 365 islands of white sand and reefs full of marine life. This paradisiacal destination has become an ideal place for sailing enthusiasts, and ClickandSailing has been essential in the popularization of this Caribbean treasure.

Unparalleled Services

Since its inception, ClickandSailing has served many clients, establishing itself as the market leader in San Blas. Among its main advantages are:

Speed ​​and Efficiency: The company stands out for its ability to provide fast and personalized solutions. In less than 10 hours, ClickandSailing is able to offer competitive options that adapt to the individual needs of each client.

24/7 Customer Service: Understanding that planning a trip can raise many questions, the company provides 24/7 customer service, ensuring help at all times.

Comprehensive Service: From the initial reservation to the completion of the trip, ClickandSailing takes care of every detail. Their professional team is available at every stage to ensure a hassle-free experience.

Best Prices Guaranteed: With the commitment to offer the best quality-price ratio, ClickandSailing ensures the most competitive prices on the market, without reducing the quality of the service.

Secure trading: The company manages its clients' funds safely and responsibly, offering peace of mind and confidence throughout the booking process and beyond.

Unique Adventures's specialization in the San Blas region allows them to offer unique and memorable sailing experiences. From exploring desert islands to diving into coral reefs, each tour is planned to exceed guests' expectations.

“Our purpose is to make our clients' sailing dreams come true, providing a unique experience that will remain in their memory forever,” they declare from ClickandSailing.

15 Years of Experience and Excellence

With more than a decade in the sector, ClickandSailing has achieved an impeccable reputation based on excellence and dedication. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement is reflected in each of their services, making each trip an unforgettable adventure.

About ClickandSailing

ClickandSailing is the number one sailboat and catamaran rental company in San Blas, Panama. With a history of 15 years, the firm has managed thousands of successful reservations. Their goal is to provide unique sailing experiences in one of the most beautiful destinations on the planet. For more information, visit

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