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Learn more about San Blas "Guna Yala"

But Guna Yala is not just a paradise of islands, white sand and coral reefs, above all it is a town very united by its customs, traditions, culture and history, full of friendly and kind people

Thanks to them, today this is one of the few places in the world that can be found practically the same as it was hundreds of years ago. Basic information you should know about San Blas, Panama. 365 Paradise Islands.​ 


Come and discover one of the most beautiful and preserved settings in the Caribbean, the San Blás Archipelago, a name that is familiar to us but is actually called Guna Yala. Turquoise and transparent waters and beaches with coconut palms and white sand. This is San Blás, a place like few others in the world! These 365 are located in Panama, in the Caribbean Sea. 


The archipelago is part of the indigenous region of Guna Yala. Less than 50 islands are inhabited, the rest remain mostly intact. 


The official name of the region is Guna Yala (or Kuna Yala), since 1925 they have been an autonomous indigenous region. Guna Yala, in addition to the hundreds of islands, has an immense part of virgin jungle. 


Because it is indigenous territory, nothing and no one can invest in the place, and the only ones who can be on those lands are the Gunas themselves. Therefore, there is no infrastructure, abundant fresh water, electricity at will, cell phone signal, internet. San Blas is for those who like to enjoy a unique experience. 


Totally in tune with nature. The Town of Guna Yala For the Gunas, the earth is the mother of all things. She is the guardian of all that exists and represents the spirit, strength and ​​the vigor of her culture._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-1358bad5


That is why it is so important for these people to take care of the environment, and not abuse it, that has always been the main struggle, to maintain their autonomy in the region and defend the environment in which they live.


This is the only way they have managed over the years to preserve their culture and biological diversity in the region. Getting to know the Gunas and their culture is like going back in time, going to a museum where you are part of history. The History of San Blas

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