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All about how to get to the San Blas Islands

Transfer to the San Blas Islands

By car What you need to know to go from Panama City to the San Blas Islands on your own.

San Blas by car Can I go to San Blas with my car? Option 1) You can make the transfer from Panama City to San Blas on your own. If you have a car and this is a 4X4, because otherwise you will be denied access to the region, you can make the transfer to Carti on your own, it is simple and you cannot get lost because there is only 1 road. In the territory, only 4×4s are authorized, because there is only one road for the entire territory and it is not acceptable for a vehicle not adapted to the terrain to be blocked due to being stuck. You must book your water taxi in advance, the departure time is at 8 am. If you arrive unexpectedly, even on time, you may not have a seat on board and will have to wait for the next rotation of water taxis to get to your vessel. The price varies according to the distance at which the boat is located. Price of the transfer from Panama City to the boat going on your own: You will have to show your passport at customs and you will be asked to pay $20 per person entrance tax (Guna Yala is an autonomous province of Panama) and you will also pay $2 parking tax per person at Carti totaling $22 per person. The water taxi from Carti to San Blas will cost you between $40 and $60 per person roundtrip depending on how far you have to travel. Transfer organized from Panama City to San Blas Taxi 4X4 and Water Taxi Option 2) by a transport company This is the easiest and safest way. We can not only recommend if not organize everything with a dedicated company for transfers from Panama City to San Blas and back, because they have been reliable with transfers from Panama City to our ships for many years

We can give you your contact. The 4X4 Taxi that makes the transfer from Panama City to the San Blas Islands picks up travelers at their hotel in Panama City, the 4×4 Taxi must also go through several other hotels to pick up the 6 passengers. You will be picked up from your hotel between 5:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. m. and 6:00 a.m. m. It takes from 3h to 3h30 from Panama City to reach the port of Cartí. There is a customs post at the entrance to the region. You will be required to pay a $20 per person entrance fee and also pay a $2 per person parking fee for a total of $22 per person. Arrive at the port of Carti, a small motor boat will be waiting for you to transfer you to your boat. Return 2 time options: 1) In the morning at 7.30 am after breakfast. You will arrive in Carti around 8:00 am. m. to 8:15 a.m. m. A 4×4 taxi will drop you off in Panama City around 11:30 a.m. m.2) In the afternoon, the water taxi will pick you up around 3:00 p.m. m. on your boat and you will arrive in Panama City around 7:30 p.m. m. Price of the transfer from Panama City to San Blas: 4×4 TAXI from Panama City + water taxi from Carti to San-Blas: $130 per person (round trip) depending on the distance you need to travel. Options 3) the plane The other solution to get to San Blas is the private plane, the flights that depart from the Albrook airport in Panama City, to Corazón de Jesús take only 30 minutes and offer travel comfort.

It goes without saying that the financial cost of a private plane or helicopter flight is significant. But depending on the date and the size of the group the prices are very different. We can help you plan your flight to Corazón de Jesús. To go from Panama City to the San Blas Islands with a 4×4 taxi and water taxi What you should know before doing the Transfer from Panama City to the San Blas Islands with a 4×4 taxi and water taxi Regarding transportation, it is recommended to have a small bag or bag with your papers inside and your money and to have your separate suitcase next to it. It is convenient to take a waterproof suitcase or wrap it previously in film. waterproof (food film type) or a large garbage bag at the last minute because spray on the water taxi is unavoidable. It is also important depending on the sea, so as not to get soaked on the boat to bring a k.way. As for sea sports. For the conservation of corals, certain practices are prohibited, such as kitesurfing, surfing or harpoons. Do not take a surfboard with you, because customs will not let it pass the border. Please note that the boats are often equipped with a kayak or paddle board for entertainment. Last comment, do not forget that in San Blas there is no bank or ATM, and your credit card will be almost useless. So bring cash to buy souvenirs, go to bars or enjoy a piece of Kuna art.

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