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Questions about San Blas

HISTORY OF SAN BLAS Guna yala also known as San-Blas Islands is an autonomous province of Panama that includes approximately 400 islands and only 60 of them are populated. The Kunas are one of the last indigenous tribes of the Chibcha Amerindian people. In the Kuna language they call themselves Dule or Tule, which literally means "person".

They first lived in the Darién province of Panama, which is now considered the jungle border between Colombia and Panama. They lived in approximately 60 independent tribes that shared the same language and culture. All these tribes did not trade with each other, some even fought, in addition the European conquerors arrived with the purpose of finding gold, which pushed the Kunas to look for a safer place. They choose to settle around 1600 on the Atlantic coast of Panama, first on the mainland and then move to the San-Blas Islands. The soil was not really fertile, so no other tribe tried to settle there. Also the Spanish were busy looking for gold and fighting with the tribes. So the Kuna could establish their roots in their new surroundings and start making San-Blas a better place to live by growing fruits and vegetables, they maintain their way of life by trading shellfish, yuccas and other ailments with pirates who also settle in the waters. hidden shallows of San-Blas. The Kuna are one of the only tribes that have preserved their traditions for centuries, until now.


You will need different transportation to get to San Blas from the airport, here we will explore all the different ways. 4×4 collective taxis to Guna Yala water taxi You will have to combine different options because only the plane offers to go directly to San Blas, but it has a significant cost. During your trip to get to San Blas you will have to go through Guna Yala customs and pay the Guna Yala entrance fee before getting to your sailboat or catamaran. Guna Yala rate San Blas or Guna yala is an independent province. So, like any independent place, there is a border, a customs and immigration office. The entrance to Guna Yala costs $20 per person for foreigners and $5 for nationals or residents. From Panama to San Blas by 4×4 taxi

A 4×4 comes to pick you up at your hotel, it is a collective 4×4, and the driver will go around the hotel to take the tourists to San Blas. Then, you leave Panama City to reach Carti, your driver will go through customs, and you will have to pay the kuna fee (20$) then, you enter the Guna yala territory. When you arrive at Carti, it's 7:30 am, your taxi leaves you at the dock, it will ask you $50 for transportation. At the pier, you can see boats from different companies that come from the sea and bring tourists who have just finished their cruise. They take your 4×4 taxi and you take their boat, the water taxi will take you to your next destination...the sailboat or catamaran you chose. We can provide you with contacts or coordinate both car and boat transport. Book your trip in advance and confirm it 2 days before with the name and address of your hotel, The driver will pick you up in the morning, have your passport ready for customs on the road to San Blas From the port by water taxi to the sailboat or catamaran- WATER TAXI TO SAN BLAS

WHAT IS A BOAT? A powerboat is a small, long boat with a powerful outboard motor, to get people quickly on the water. Leaving the Carti pier, around 8:30/9am, the boat stops at different islands and boats to drop people off. It is not the most comfortable way to travel, (it takes 30/45min to get to Chichime) but it is definitely a lot of fun. The price will depend on how far the islands you want to go are, for example the water taxi should cost around $20/$25 to get to Chichime from Carti and can drop you off directly on your boat if you ask. We can provide you with contacts or coordinate both car and boat transport. Book your trip in advance and confirm it 2 days before your arrival. Your water taxi will drop you directly at the boat. You have finally reached!!!! It is around 10 in the morning, you can relax and have a drink, the crew will take care of everything, you are in San Blas, and your trip can begin.


Around 7 in the morning, the boats will go around the islands and the boats to pick up the people who have requested it. They will be taken to the pier where 4×4 taxis are waiting to take people to their next destination. We can provide you with contacts or coordinate both car and boat transport. Another way is to go to San Blas by plane: You can get to San Blas by plane from the Panama airport, you can ask for a private plane or a helicopter to take you to the Porvenir airport. This option has a significant cost, but it is definitely the fastest way to reach the San Blas Islands in 30 minutes.

#2 - Frequently Asked Questions This section contains information that you may find useful. If you do not find the answer here, please do not hesitate to contact us. What documentation should I bring? Regardless of the country of origin, you must bring your passport with at least three months of validation. A tourist can be in Panama for 180 days. Panamanians and residents must carry the ID. What is the best time to travel? Panama is very close to Ecuador, enjoying a tropical climate, temperatures vary between 25-30º C. It has two seasons: The summer season, runs from mid-December to May (dry, sunny and windy), being the perfect time for sailing, windsurfing, etc. The spring season runs from May to December (rainy, with high humidity and calm seas), being the best time for diving and snorkelling. You can make your reservation at any time of the year, 365 days, 24 hours a year... What time difference is there? There are 7 hours difference with respect to Spain MORE INFORMATION FOR OTHER COUNTRIES

What is the itinerary to follow?

The itinerary depends on several factors, ie wind and weather conditions and sea conditions. We will try to make the best itinerary possible. Can you dive in San Blas? To date, diving in the Kunas archipelago is totally prohibited, this is because years ago, there were many poachers who fished with a scuba tank. What clothes should I take in my luggage? It is recommended not to bring a rigid suitcase, as well as not to bring too many clothes, it is hot and sometimes windy. Normally half of what is brought is used, we advise you to bring light luggage: shorts, t-shirts, sarongs, swimsuit, cap/hat, sun cream, polarized glasses, flip-flops, raincoat, wind clothing, mosquito repellent, your items hygiene kit and play towel, of course don't forget your camera. Bring just a few things in your bag, you don't need much in this paradise. Try to avoid bringing hard luggage because it will take up a lot of space in your cabin.

You should not miss a swimsuit and comfortable clothes in the suitcase. Also bring long-sleeved shirts and pants both for when the temperatures drop at night and to protect yourself from the sun. Don't forget your beach sandals or a raincoat, since sporadic showers can fall between July and December. It is very important that you bring a cap, hat, scarf or clothing that protects you from the sun, and sunscreen. Mosquito repellent for when you are waiting for the water taxi at the port if you take the transfer by road or on the runway if you take a plane. Once on the catamaran, mosquitoes are rare. Snacks: All our dishes are made right there, in front of your eyes. Bring your own snacks, M&M's, chips. Ritz Crackers etc if you like. Extra alcohol, but remember that for safety reasons we do not allow drunk people on board. You don't need anything else on board.

Electricity The current is 110 volts, it is convenient to be provided with flat pin plug adapters. Sunlight is very early, around 6:00 a.m. and it gets dark around 6:00 p.m. Currency The American Dollar is used, as well as the balboa, which is Panama's own currency, it is equivalent to the dollar and has been legal tender since 1904. 50 and 100 bills should be avoided. Is there mobile coverage in San Blas? In San Blas, the best company is Digicel, you can buy a card for little money and be able to connect. Are there ATMs in San Blas? You cannot withdraw money in San Blas, since there are no ATMs, if you want to make purchases, such as souvenirs, etc... you must do it in cash. It is advisable to bring $1, $5 and $20 bills, normally the Kunas do not have change, in case you want to buy something.

What happens with the meals, if I am a vegetarian or allergic to any food? There is no problem, you simply have to specify it to us when you contact us and when you arrive on board, and we will take care of everything. Are payments made through the website secure? The reservation payment procedure is carried out by transferring 20% ​​of the total to our General Bank in Panama, at Wells Fargo in the USA. or through Paypal The rest is paid in cash upon arrival at the ship. #3 - What makes the San Blas Islands special? This is not the BVI, nor St Maarten or the Bahamas: no construction, hotels or mass tourism, no party scene and most importantly, no foreign interference of any kind make this little part of Panama the only true Caribbean destination left. . We want you to be a part of this ultimate Caribbean paradise, mix in and live naturally, take part in fantastic snorkeling experiences, visit all the islands and the interesting Kuna culture and indigenous customs. This is not the place for a boat party, excessive drinking and noise. If you are looking for a party, go to Bocas del Toro or the Pacific side. Alcohol not only has many physical effects that directly threaten safety and well-being in the water, drink too much and you will miss out on the best of San Blas and its people.

#4 - What is the best itinerary to navigate the San Blas Islands? Enjoying the best itinerary depends on the number of days booked, the type of inbound and outbound transfer preferred, and guests' interests or preferences. Whatever the itinerary, our San Blas crewed catamaran charters are fully adaptable. More information about the itineraries of the San Blas islands here: #5 - What is included in the price? The rates shown on our website are for the rental of all-inclusive catamarans and private sailboats. Prices include: - Captain and cook total of 2 crew members or 3 when necessary - Full board menu based on fresh lobster, crab, fish, meat, fruits, etc., also adaptable to vegetarians or any other dietary need. - Drinks (moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages) - Bed linen and bath towel. please bring your own beach towel. - Boat with outboard motor - Kayaks and paddle boards. The number and type of water toys depend on the selected catamaran. - Snorkeling and fishing equipment - Use of water for the shower. Prices do not include: - Transfers in and out: the price varies between air and road. - Entrance tax - Carbonated drinks and any dietary drinks - Items purchased by clients or any extra activity outside the catamaran

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