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Chichime Take the opportunity to go to Chichime. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful islands in the archipelago. On these islands people still live according to the traditions, and it will not be possible to buy more than coconuts, crabs and giant lobsters. Afterwards, it will be possible to visit the surrounding villages. Finally, after thanking his crew, he will go to El Porvenir for the air transfer to Panama City. D1-Corazón de Jesús You will take a flight from Panama City to the San Blas archipelago. This plane flies over the entire archipelago and will offer you an impressive view of the islands and the reefs that border them. After settling on board your boat, you can take a ride in a kayuko (a large boat) in a kayuko (a large wooden boat typical of the indigenous people) or in a kayak, along a river in the middle of the jungle, which will allow you to closely admire the fauna of the region. East of the Dutch Keys The eastern Dutch Keys must be circled from the south, in an anti-clockwise direction to pass behind the coral barrier that will protect you from the waves of the width. These islands are known for their beautiful reefs, shoals of white sand, and shallow waters.

San Blas Islands These islands are inhabited by a dozen Indian fishermen and their families. The program of this anchorage includes

underwater fishing, kayaking, snorkeling and other water games, as well as long walks along the beaches and making traditional necklaces. Naguargand You can navigate to Naguargandup, crossing the Holland Channel. Another excellent place for trolling, as well as a magnificent anchorage among the coral islands. Sidra River & Kuanidup "Village Island", the beautiful Sidra River and Kuanidup are islands of white sand and crystalline waters that make them idyllic. In Kuanidup there are cabins worthy of 5-star hotels with the possibility of eating and tasting local specialties. The Sida River is inhabited by 500 indigenous people who continue to live there in a traditional way.

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